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One of my patients who manages a pharmacy told me the other day that he filled a record amount of prescriptions for Tamiflu, (and another flu medication called Relenza). Contrary to the manufacturer’s claims, these very-expensive meds hardly work. If at all they work at the onset of flu symptoms, which by the time one goes to their doctor, gets a script and fills it, is probably too late. Even if these drugs did work, according to a study of 24,000 flu sufferers, flu symptom relief was about a ½ of day more on the meds than without taking anything. This same study published in The British Medical Journal debunked the manufacturer’s claim that these drugs reduce hospital admissions due to the flu. In fact, there was no evidence of reduction of hospitalizations or serious flu complications such as pneumonia, bronchitis, or ear infections. On the other hand the serious side effects of these meds include nausea and vomiting, and even psychiatric symptoms. So while these flu drugs are basically worthless, they are heavily marketed to the public and to doctors. Which leads me to the next subject. Integrative medicine knows that the best prevention for avoiding the flu is to have optimal levels of vitamin D. (besides maintaining a strong immune system using a variety of natural substances).

Another example of irrational medical thinking is regarding vitamin D. Although even mainstream doctors now test for and believe in the necessity for optimum vitamin D levels, many are recommending a weekly dose of 50,000 IU. Unfortunately the prescription form of vitamin D (Drisdol) is the wrong form-it’s D2 or ergocalciferol.The preferred form is D3, cholecalciferol. D3 is made from lanolin derived from sheep shearing. Studies show that not only is D3 more effective at raising D levels but that D2 may compete with it for absorption. You could believe that all prescription D is the inferior D2. I take and recommend to my patients only D3, either in drops or capsules. So I strongly recommend patients take a dose of D3 (from 1000-5000IU daily) to bring the numbers to optimal levels (60-90), and NOT take the wrong 50,000 a week.

Another completely messed up area emerging from mainstream medicine is in the area of our precious children. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recommended screening for cholesterol in children as young as 2 years old! So the NEW CHEWABLE LIPITOR is being recommended as part of a “prevention” program! Along with this shameful idea is their recommended diet – which is “old school” and should have been revised. Why is pediatrics the slowest of the health professionals to embrace new ideas and the latest current research. Dr. Robert Atkins theory of low-carb diet to lower cholesterol and other lipids has, albeit late in the game, been embraced by mainstream medicine. Even the government’s “food pyramid” has been recently revised, because the old model was increasing heart disease and obesity not decreasing it. It is not saturated fats and eggs that create excessive bad cholesterol- it is refined flour and sugar and starches. This is now termed “metabolic syndrome”. Yet the AAP recommends fruit, starch, potatoes, grain bread, pasta and cereals – totally ridiculous! What an awful mistake! Experimenting on our children, causing untold harm to their future health. The Pfizer drug company did it again! With millions of dollars of advertising, they influence the public and the medical world to use statin Lipitor. Every man, woman and CHILD should be taking Lipitor, which would continue to generate billions of dollars into the Pfizer coffers. Of importance to note: cholesterol is produced in our livers, and is essential for brain growth and development, and is essential precursor of hormones. Instead keep your kids off soda, sugar, white flour, empty calories, and get them to exercise daily. (Besides B complex especially niacin and other nutrients help keep cholesterol and lipids at normal healthy levels.) BOO PFIZER!

I am constantly learning and enriching my ability to heal my patients. One of my best sources of cutting edge information is from my mentor Dr. Ronald Hoffman, M.D. I thank him and wish him many years of continued health and success!