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Anxiety is what fear becomes when we hold onto it for too long, or when we feel negative emotions about future events that haven’t happened

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Anxiety Part 2

In my last blog post I discussed how anxiety can cause numerous problems. Those problems may include: High blood pressure Heart attack Stroke Muscle pain

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Hormone Replacement

If like me you have some experience raising teenagers, you are well acquainted with the wild things that go on inside their heads as their

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Ear Infections

Kids hate ear infections and parents do too. The first response of many healthcare practitioners to ear infections is to prescribe antibiotics. While antibiotics are

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In my last series I explored various reasons for hypo (sluggish) thyroid. My closing paragraph which did not get printed, pointed out that a proper

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Allergies & Asthma (2)

A large portion of our immune systems and ability to filter out unwanted and harmful chemicals is in our intestines. There is a condition of

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