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1. What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is a treatment discipline that considers the whole individual to identify the root cause of an illness or condition, rather than just treat symptoms.

Functional medicine is especially suitable for people who can’t find relief through institutional medicine, or who are concerned about the possible side effects of harsh prescriptions, or who want more than just a surface solution to their health problems.

Functional Medicine also integrates alternative or integrative health treatment modalities to get the best possible results for patients.

2. How can I optimize my health?

We only get one body, and repairing your body after it’s already broken down is a lot harder than maintaining it in good condition.

Every person’s body is different and requires its own unique program to ensure optimal health.

The holistic approach of functional medicine considers physical, mental, and chemicals stressors in your life to identify the source of what is holding you back.

By making the right lifestyle changes, you too can feel younger and better.

3. What is a visit typically like?

When patients first visit the clinic, we take a thorough case history to understand the entire picture of your life from a health perspective.

We discuss what ails you now, and explore the different possible causes behind the suffering. Then, we begin in treatment.

Follow-up sessions are usually shorter and consist of continued treatment, with adjustments as necessary.

Dr. Bekermus is available by phone for patients to ask questions even when they are not having an appointment.

4. Do you take insurance?


5. How does your pricing work?

First consultation: 700 NIS

Follow-up visits: 180-200 NIS per visit depending on nature of the visit.

6. What are your credentials?

Dr. Reuven Bekermus has been licensed as a chiropractor in the State of New York since 1982. He is a graduate of the Cleveland College of Chiropractic.

He has 36 years of clinic experience working with people of all ages, from infants to seniors.

In addition to his background in chiropractic, Dr. Bekermus has received training in numerous alternative medicine disciplines, including acupuncture.

He is certified by the Clayton School of Naturopathy and has an extensive background in nutritional counseling.

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