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Dementia/Alzheimer’s & Hypoglycemia

In recent issues of prestigious peer review publications and as “Neurology”

And “Diabetes” scientists are discovering alarming similarities between Alzheimer’s disease (dementia) and type 2diabetes. Several large studies have found that people with type 2 diabetes are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s compared with healthy people of the same age and sex. AS mentioned in the another article I wrote on the subject of diabetes, there are about a million new cases of diabetes diagnosed in America annually, with ever increasing percentages of these cases being children. The studies show that even people with pre-diabetes/hypoglycemia, which affects a large part of theUSpopulation, are also at risk. A study revealed that 70% of the elderly people with chronically elevated levels of blood glucose ( sugar) were more likely to die sooner than thow without diabetes.

Several possible links are being postulated in explaining the connectiosn between thes two debilitating diseases. One is related to the recent discrovery that the insulin receptors are expressed in the same part of the brain wher learning and memory formation takes place (the hippocampus). In the condition temed “insulin ressistance” otherwise known as metobalic syndrome or syndrome X, the insulin becomes less able to bind its receptors in the brain. When this occurs nerve-cell survival and memory formation are affected, increasing the risk of Alzheimers.

Anotehr clear link is the formation of the Ages. These are the advanced glycation end products; toxic harmful substances formed when sugar interacts with proteins and lipids damaging the structure of proteins and membranes. The higher the blood glucose levels, or in other words, the more simple sugar, the more damage created. Thes toxic AGE lokecules are a critically important factor linking aging, diambetes, and Alzheimers. In diabetes AGEs play a pathological role in damaging blood vessels. In ALsheimers AGEs is a key factor involved in the formation of harmful plaque in the brain. A recent study showed that the higher the AGE leveles the lower the memory and cognitive ability of those tested.

Combating high blood glucose level and insulin ressistance will both prevent diabetes and Alzheimers. In the senior, baby-boomerpopulation, special care is needed due to the fact that blood glucose levels increase with age. As I mention in almost every article the first line of defense, here as well, is aerobic excxersize. Everyone, of any age, requires a reqular excersize program. This is taught by the great physician and Rabbi, Miamonodies, who in the fourth chapter of the Laws of Knowledge, states that without excersise a person will be subject to aches and pains and his/her strength will fail him all the days of his life!! At the very least each of you should be taking a brisk walk for about minimally 300 minutes in a row without stopping, either daily or four times a week. Ofcourse swimming , bicycling, dancing, jumping or any aeobic activity would be acceptable.

Next would eb the avoidance of high-glycemic foods which spike insulin levels in the blood. Junky pur sugar foods sucha as candy or all the foods that have high frusctose corn syrup are like poison. On the other hand low glycemic foods such as whoel grains are food for us in moderation. Exampls of these healthy foods are millet, kasha, Brown rice, and barley. Every one reading this article should make a resolutionb to stop buying soda and candy. Every teacher, Rabbi and health practioner should not only resolve to cut out sugar from their diets but also to teach all the people they come in contact with to do the same. There really should not ever be found at a simcha or shabbos table coke or ginger ale etc. At best some juice (which is also concentrated sugar) or better yet seltzer and water-only! And yes it might hurt the profits of the kosher companies that produce all the nosh, especially with food coloring that fill the aisle od the grocery stores but we as intelligent people should stop buying junk for all our children!

There area variety of natural substances that I recommend to my patients that help regulate insulin levbels and can even be helping to curb cravinings for sugar/startch. The mineral chromium which is absent in almost all the commercially grown produce inAmericais essential for proper glucose and insulin metabolism. A product that I sell called GlucoControl combines nine non-toxic healthy substances that have been well researched to be of aid in protecting us from diabetes and ALzheiners. These include NAC, which inhibits sugar/insulin surges such as weight gain and protects against oxidative stress. A recent study published in The Archives of Internal Medicineshowed that the patients with the higher vitamin C levels had a 62% lower risk of developing diabetes. In a 2002 article in the Journal of American Medical Association it was reported that diets rich in Vitamin E significantly decrease the rate of mental decline and may lower Alzheimer risk in some people. Herbs such as cinnamon, goats rue and quercitin also have positive affects on insulin receptors and protect the pancreas.

In conclusion, both diabetes and Alzheimers disease are affecting American poepl in epidemic porpotions. It is my belief that these two terrible diseases are for the most part prteventable. I teach my patients an integrated program of excersise, diet control, and the important usage of scientifically validated nutritients that together can prevent and combat these seriously harmful illnesses.