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The colon is the final part of our rather long digestive system. Its thick walls are made to push the waste material along its 4-5 feet tubular structure until reaching the rectum. Though not considered a rather “clean” place a properly functioning colon is quite clean compared to one filled with toxic substances, parasites, pathogenic yeast, fungi and bacteria. Our intestinal tracts are exposed to a variety of harmful substances such as anti-biotics, parasites and sugary-processed foods. These create an unfavorable atmosphere in the colon. The result can be chronic constipation, diarrhea, candidiasis (yeast), and parasitic infections. Periodic detoxifying of the colon can create an environment resistant to a number of conditions.

For as long as recorded history reveals, health practitioners have recommended periodic fasting to detox the colon. A water fast for several days, or a vegetable juice fast for several weeks accomplishs this goal. Many current and ancient books are available outlining healthy fasting. Another old-fashioned but still available method of colon cleansing is called colonic therapy. This is a high-water enema that is administered by a trained professional. After a series of colonics patients may feel remarkably better, lighter and cleaner. Using fiber products, pro-biotics and parasite killing herbal agents are also important for continued colon health.

Our Westernized diet is often devoid of fiber, resulting in chronic constipation, a widespread disease affecting up to 25 % of the population. Even though in some instances over 50% of senior citizens use laxatives this approach is not the right one. Constipation can have dangerous complications including acute mental confusion, depression, urinary problems, skin problems and more. Holistic doctors treat constipation in various ways. Fasting, cleansing, avoiding processed foods, using the vitamin C levage, magnesium and /or calcium, short-term senna, long term cascara sagrada, and other herbs are all helpful. Chiropractic adjustments to restore nerve function as well as acuppressure/acupuncture and reflexology are also vital. Of course, as always, aerobic exercise is essential for proper function of the colon. The muscles move along the fecal matter (peristalsis), and the general muscle movement through exercise helps this along.

Our intestines are vulnerable to a wide array of invaders known as parasites (worms). A common one is called giardia. Chlorine does not kill giardia cysts. Symptoms of giardiasis include diarrhea, fever, cramps, anorexia, nausea, weakness, weight loss, flatulence (gas), belching and vomiting. Other parasites include tapeworms, roundworms and hook worms. Furthermore, Enterobius (pin \worms) infections are quite common in theU.S.with children contracting them and passing these worms to other family members.

Bacterial organisms such as E-coli and Salmonella are also toxic to the intestinal tract. These are food-borne infections. The presence of Candida albicans, common yeast like fungus, in the intestinal tract provides further incentive to undertake a colon cleansing program.

As mentioned above, there are many ways to “clean up our acts.”

Starting with fasting, eating right, strengthening the immune system, exercising, and taking beneficial supplements we have a fighting chance. Great products are available which both cleanse and repair the colon. Patients with chronic colitis, IBS and chrohn’s are often helped and healed. Glutamine is essential as well as probiotics, DGL licorice, aloe vera, marshmallow and other herbs. Fiber such as citrus pectin is very important as well. All the above including colonics may be obtained through my office. I test each individual for what best serves their needs.